Grande Prairie Counselling Services


Interactive Counselling offers Grande Prairie counselling services, providing our clients with a variety of counselling options: including in person sessions, online sessions, and phone sessions. Our Counsellors offer flexible hours, including evenings and weekends, to ensure that you have no excuse to not take care of your mental health. We will meet with you how you want to be met with, and when you want to be met with! Talk about convenience for taking care of your mental health!

Our Grande Prairie Counsellors are nothing short of the best! We approach each client in a different way, which means we cater to YOU! No two people have exactly the same story, the same belief and value systems, and the same issues. We will create a treatment plan specifically for you to ensure that you have the best results in your mental health and happiness. Our therapists will adjust their approach to where you are in your mental health journey and will work with you based on how you learn. We believe in working with a client, building a team approach with open communication between client and Counsellor allowing for us to ensure we are on the same page at all times. This is a key component to the success of our clients within Interactive Counselling and something we are very proud of. We care about our clients and are committed to your mental health wellness from the very beginning. When you see a Counsellor at our Interactive Counselling Grande Prairie location, you will not be alone with your struggles again—we are here for you!

Our Therapists in Grande Prairie deal with a myriad if issues including but not limited to:

· Depression

· Anxiety

· Trauma

· Grief

· Separation

· Relationship Issues


· Personality Disorders

· Autism

· Co-Parenting Struggles

· Post-Partum

· Anger Management

Our Counsellors in Grande Prairie offer:

· Individual Counselling

· Marriage Counselling and Couple’s Counselling

· Family Counselling

· Co-Parent Counselling and Separated Family Counselling

· Pre-Natal and Post Natal Counselling

· Children and Youth Counselling

· Corporate and Management Counselling/Coaching

· Athletic/Athlete/Team Counselling

· Complex Family Matters Counselling

· Group Counselling

While looking for a Grande Prairie Therapist your options are quite vast, but at Interactive Counselling Grande Prairie we will be with you from the second that you reach out to us. With our extended hours including evenings and weekends, and multiple Counsellors, we are able to get you in within a week in most cases and without a Doctor referral. Our Counsellors in our Grande Prairie office know that when you need help, you generally need it as soon as possible and do everything in our power to make that happen. We understand that having a strong and trusting relationship with your Counsellor is the first step in your therapy, regardless of what you are going through. Interactive Counselling has multiple Counsellors in Grande Prairie, allowing you to adjust if the first one isn’t quite a good fit. In fact, we are so confident and believe so strongly that the connection you have with your Counsellor is imperative, that if we don’t have a Counsellor that fits you, we will assist you in seeking help within another practice. It is all about you when you come see us! We have a passion for mental health and helping people which you will feel that from the first moment that you reach out to us.

Interactive Counselling Grande Prairie office has a variety of designations, including Registered Counsellors, Registered Social Workers, and Master of Social Workers (online only). Having so many different designations allows for our clients to get covered by their third-party benefit provider. At this time, we do not have a Psychologist on staff in our Grande Prairie Counselling office. We do not require a Doctor referral as we are a private practice and our services are currently not covered by Alberta Healthcare Services. Our clients extended healthcare benefits will often cover our services, and we recommend for clients to inquire directly with their insurance provider. Should you have any questions or need more information on our Counsellors and their designations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

At Interactive Counselling we offer Grande Prairie services for individual counselling, couples/marriage counselling, children and youth counselling, family counselling, co-parent counselling and group counselling. Our Grande Prairie Counselling team at Interactive Counselling even provides Corporate Coaching and Athletic Team mental health support. Regardless what situation you are in, or what you are experiencing, we have a Counsellor that is able to help. Often the hardest step of the process, and the last step that you need to do alone, is reaching out! We are waiting for you, on your time, in your way. Interactive Counselling Grande Prairie is here to help when you need. We are excited to have you be part of our counselling practice.

About Fringina Mukaga

About Fringina Mukaga

Fringina Mukaga is a Bachelor of Social Work graduate from the University of Calgary. She also has a Bachelor of Sociology degree from the University of New Brunswick.

As a Registered Social Worker Fringina hopes that her accomplishments reflect her desire to help people find their voice, be heard and be acknowledged. She brings an authentic curiosity and genuine empathy to the work she does alongside individuals and new parents facing challenges including anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues and emotional regulation.

Fringina’s personal practice model incorporates lived experience and evidence-based interventions with a strong commitment to holding a confidential and judgement-free space that focuses on empowering you to find sustainable and practical solutions to the challenges causing dis-ease in your life functioning. She recognizes and celebrates diversity understanding that there is no one solution or method: what works for one person may not work for another. Through insightful collaboration Fringina will adapt therapeutic interventions to suit your unique needs.

When she’s not helping people, Fringina enjoys re-discovering and exploring her passion for creative arts.

About Carli Fredrickson

About Carli Fredrickson
Carli Fredrickson is a recent graduate from the University of Calgary, having received her Bachelor of Social Work. Carli has hopes to pursue her Masters in the future.

Carli is born and raised Grande Prairie, and because of that, is very passionate about her community. Carli has been involved in a variety of local agencies including Northreach Society and The Salvation Army food bank.


Carli has always been interested in a helping profession, starting her career off by pursuing massage therapy which has led to over six years of offering clients relaxation and relief of stress. Carli hopes to take this passion to help people to the next level through counselling.


In her free time, you’ll find Carli spending very little time inside and instead spending any sunny days doing what she loves most, kayaking. Carli also enjoys camping, hiking as well as spending time with her lovable kitty, Pixie.


Carlie is a Counsellor at our Grande Prairie office.

About Joanna MacGillivray

About Joanna MacGillivray
Joanna MacGillivray is a Psychology graduate from St. Francis Xavier University. She also has a social work degree from the University of Calgary.

Joanna is originally from Nova Scotia and received her Bachelor of Arts with major in Psychology from St. FX University, in her hometown of Antigonish. She has lived in Alberta for the past eleven years and during that time she became a mother to three boys, got married in the Mayan Riviera, and received her Social Work degree through the University of Calgary.


She enjoys staying active and getting outdoors for runs, hikes, and camping trips. She also enjoys traveling and loves getting back to Nova Scotia in the summer months. She has several hobbies that include silversmithing, crafting, reading, and writing.


In the past five years, Joanna has worked for Alberta Health Services in Grande Prairie. Most recently she worked in Acute psychiatry on a multi-disciplinary team in the QEII hospital.


Joanna looks forward to helping clients address negative blocks and patterns while teaching them how to problem solve and become their own agents of change. She looks forward to helping couples navigate their relationships and supporting them in creating healthy lifestyles and becoming the best version of themselves.


Joanna is a Counsellor at our Grande Prairie office.