Counselling Rates & Services - Kelowna and Grande Prairie

Counselling can help ease pain and suffering. It's a process which can bring you to feel more calm, clear, in control, and satisfied in your life.

A variety of services to help you

Interactive Counselling offers a variety of counselling services to best suit your needs at affordable rates.

People come to therapy for a variety of reasons such as stress, relationship issues, anxiety, bereavement, trauma, depression, health issues, creativity blocks or a desire to deepen their self-knowledge.

Our goal is to increase your capacity to stay grounded when faced with difficult circumstances and learn how to use your emotions to guide you toward new possibilities.


Email Counselling Sessions:

Email counselling offers an individual the flexibility to decide when they want to have a counselling session. You can send me an email day or night, and I am guaranteed to respond to you within 48 hours. This option allows those who work varied shifts or stay at home parents an option to have consistent counselling even when their schedule doesn’t allow traditional counselling.

For couples that have one spouse who is out of town, for work purposes or otherwise, email counselling is a good option to continue the counselling process while enduring geographical distance. Please inquire for how couples email counselling works, and for rates.

An email ‘session’ is made up of four emails, two from you and two responses from me. An initial email intake assessment is required prior to regular email sessions.


Youth Counselling Sessions:

It is no secret, these days being a youth is more difficult than ever. More obstacles are in a teenager’s way to overcome. Bullying isn’t just at school, but at home, and online as well. Interactive Counselling specializes in working with youth and teens through painful times, and helps them build the skills to overcome issues that they encounter. Teaching youth these skills at an earlier age can allow them the opportunity to have the ability to handle tough situations appropriately as an adult.

Active counselling sessions are extremely popular with the youth demographic, as they don’t feel forced into talking about their feelings or the problems that may be occurring. It offers a laid back environment allowing them to open up often without even realizing that they are opening up in the first place. It is amazing to see how a happy teenager can impact the functioning of a family unit.


Individual Counselling Sessions:

Individual counselling sessions allow you the opportunity to take time for yourself and to work through issues that are impacting you in a negative way. You can explore your problems with the support of a counsellor to guide you along your way to living a more productive and positive life.


Family Counselling Sessions:

Sometimes families hit a bump in the road that they just can’t work through on their own. Whether it is a communication break down, lack of boundaries, or difficulty working through transitional stages, interactive counselling is here to support your family through problematic times.


Active Counselling Sessions:

For when sitting in an office just isn’t for you. The counselling process only works when you are comfortable and open, and sometimes an office setting can feel intimidating.

In order to ensure anyone can participate in the therapeutic process we offer out of office counselling sessions. You get to pick an activity where you are comfortable, such as hiking, walking the boardwalk, or going for coffee, to maximize your personal progression. Active counselling offers a relaxed environment for you to open up and work through issues allowing to work towards a better you!!!


Live Chat Sessions:

For times when you can’t get away from work or your family responsibilities to attend face to face counselling sessions, but need more of an interaction than emailing counselling sessions. Live chat sessions can be made up of Skype calls, phone calls, or online interactive texting. This allows you to have immediate feedback without being physically face-to-face.


In Office Sessions:


  • 50 minutes: $110 plus tax


  • 50 minutes: $110 plus tax


  • 50 minutes: $110 plus tax

Email Sessions:

  • Initial Online Intake Assessment Fee: $65 plus tax
  • Email “Session”: $100 plus tax (2 emails from you, 2 emails from me)

Active Counselling (cost of activity not included):

  • Prices range from $120-$150 depending on location.
Other areas including Penticton to Vernon, please inquire for rates.
*Rates may be discounted if I have numerous clients in same area on the same day*


Live Chat Sessions:

  • $110 plus tax per 50 minutes

Payment Methods accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery, Cash, and email money transfers to billing@interactivecounselling.ca

Your extended health care benefits may cover all or a portion of your treatment depending on your plan’s requirements. Please ask for more details.

Less than 24 hours notice for a cancellation, rescheduling, or a no show will result in full session rate being charged.