Interactive Counselling offers youth a
safe, relaxed environment to talk freely
and openly about anything that they are
going through but don’t feel comfortable
to do so with others.

Let’s face it! In this day and age it is not easy being a part of the youth demographic. Bullying is at an all-time high, and is no longer just at school. There are new social media platforms being created at a rapid pace, making it nearly impossible for any parent to keep up with; but unfortunately, your teenager has the potential of being greatly impacted by this. Often teens don’t speak out about bullying in fears of being the labelled as a “tattle tale “and the repercussions that come along with that.

At times parents can struggle with their youth offering push back, disrespectful behaviour, and not listening in general. This rebellious behaviour can be frustrating, and angering. There is usually a large gap between the parent’s perception and the youth’s perception of the situation; Interactive Counselling helps close that gap. We provide the youth someone to vent to, while offering support to the parents to help them establish boundaries and rules that will help the youth thrive. Having a third party involved will open communication for both sides, and our counsellors will provide you with tools that can impact your family dynamic immediately.

Interactive Counselling can assist families when parents feel helpless when it comes to their youth. The teenage years can be a struggle from both aspects. We help take the power struggle out of it, taking the opportunity to empower the youth and allow them more responsibility. Giving a teenager a clear set of boundaries can provide them with a secure understanding of household expectations. Our counsellors will help the teenager understand ways to thrive off of these boundaries, and work with parents in learning how to “let go” a bit while teaching the youth some very valuable life lessons.

Keep in mind parents; it is not your job to do everything for your child. That is just enabling them to become entitled. It is your job to teach and guide them through life lessons and offer them a safe place to learn life skills that they will need when they are adults. Interactive Counselling can help you through this process, as it is our goal to help people raise strong, healthy, and able members of society.


Youth Counselling Session Fees (GST included)

In Office Session:

  • $135 per 50 minutes

Out of Office Sessions:

  • $160 – $195 per 50 minutes (dependent on location and activity)

Live Chat (phone or video chat) :

  • $135 per 50 minutes

Your extended health care benefits may cover all or a portion of your treatment depending on your plan’s requirements. Please ask for more details.

Less than 24 hours notice for a cancellation, rescheduling, or a no show will result in full session rate being charged.