Individual counselling sessions allow you
to have the opportunity to focus on you!

Regardless of how busy your life may be and the stressors you are experiencing, counselling gives you a specific time to stop and realize that you need to take time for yourself. It’s a great way to hold yourself accountable in taking the time for you!
In counselling, we will look at the things that are impacting your life in a negative way, explore the reasons as to why you are the way you are, and work together to build skills that can improve your life dramatically. Trust in one of our counsellors to guide you on a therapeutic journey to help you gain the happiness that you deserve.

Our goal at Interactive Counselling is to support individuals towards leading a more productive, healthy, and positive life.
Whether you have never been to a counsellor before, or you are continuing your counselling journey, you will find comfort, support, and compassion from your counsellor at Interactive Counselling. We have a variety of counselling sessions that offer you options to ensure you get the most from your time spent in counselling.

In office, sessions are available for individuals who enjoy being able to have a specific spot in this world where they can come to let everything out and have a safe place to not be judged regardless of what is said. Interactive Counselling office space is casual, warm, and comforting. You will feel welcomed each time you walk in our door, which will help you feel at ease with our counsellors.
We at Interactive Counselling understand that taking the first step to go to counselling is huge! We get that you may feel anxiety or nervousness reaching out to us to for help, but please know that your feelings are totally normal! Know that when you are ready to make that first step, Interactive Counselling is here for you!


Individual Session Fees (GST included)

In Office Session:

  • $135 per 50 minutes

Out of Office Sessions:

  • $160 – $195 per 50 minutes (dependent on location)

Live Chat (phone or video chat) :

  • $135 per 50 minutes

Email Sessions:

  • Initial Online Intake Assessment Fee: $65
  • Email “Session”: $100