Interactive Counselling offers support to
families when they hit a bump in the
road that they just can’t get through on
their own.

Families are complex. Whether it is your own family through blood or a blended family, there are many dynamics based on each individual family member.

Often a break down off communication within a family can lead to a variety of issues within the family unit. This can cause a household to have a lot of anger, animosity and tension within their environment. Lack of parental boundaries, or inappropriate boundaries based on age, can result in a family breakdown. Such cases can explain disrespect, entitlement, and laziness within family members.

At times, parents need help to establish boundaries that would get the results that they are wanting from within their family. It does not mean that you aren’t a good parent, you are! It is normal to sometimes to help, and it is easier for a third party to see areas need improvement. These improvements will make a positive impact on your family as a whole.

A family with parents who have separated can often find family counselling beneficial. Although the parents are no longer together, it is important to be a unified unit on the parenting front. This can be extremely difficult, especially when the separation is new or there is anger or hurt feelings caused by it. However, it is extremely important to implement the same rules and boundaries in both households to offer the same structure for the children within the family, which offers them stability no matter where they are. Although Interactive Counselling does not offer a mediating role with regards to custody, we do offer a neutral and safe environment to establish a family routine and boundaries so the kids know exactly what to expect. This is crucial in ensuring that the children feel safe and will help their behaviours through such a difficult transition.

Interactive Counselling can offer a family comfort, support and a mediator. We help you communicate as a family so each person understands what the other is saying, which can reduce the level of frustration within your family. Interactive Counselling can help your family determine a “new” normal that you will leave you with a happy, communicative and supportive family.


Family Session Fees (GST included)

In Office Session:

  • $135 per 50 minutes (Up to 4 People)
  • $150 per 50 minutes (5+ People)

Live Chat (phone or video chat) :

  • $135 per 50 minutes

Your extended health care benefits may cover all or a portion of your treatment depending on your plan’s requirements. Please ask for more details.

Less than 24 hours notice for a cancellation, rescheduling, or a no show will result in full session rate being charged.