About Carli Fredrickson

grande prairie counsellor

Carli Fredrickson is a recent graduate from the University of Calgary, having received her Bachelor of Social Work. Carli has hopes to pursue her Masters in the future.


Carli is born and raised Grande Prairie, and because of that, is very passionate about her community. Carli has been involved in a variety of local agencies including Northreach Society and The Salvation Army food bank.


Carli has always been interested in a helping profession, starting her career off by pursuing massage therapy which has led to over six years of offering clients relaxation and relief of stress. Carli hopes to take this passion to help people to the next level through counselling.


In her free time, you’ll find Carli spending very little time inside and instead spending any sunny days doing what she loves most, kayaking. Carli also enjoys camping, hiking as well as spending time with her lovable kitty, Pixie.


Carlie offers Grande Prairie counselling services at our GP office.

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