Families are complex. Whether it is your own family through blood, or a blended family, there are many dynamics based on each individual family member. Interactive Counselling offers support to families when they hit a bump in the road that they just can’t get through on their own.

Often a break down off communication within a family can lead to a variety of issues within the family unit. This can cause a household to have a lot of anger, animosity and tension within their environment. Lack of parental boundaries, or inappropriate boundaries based on age, can result in a family breakdown. Such cases can explain disrespect, entitlement, and laziness within family members

Interactive Counselling can offer a family comfort, support and a mediator. We help you communicate as a family so each person understands what the other is saying, which can reduce the level of frustration within your family. Interactive Counselling can help your family determine a “new” normal that you will leave you with a happy, communicative and supportive family.