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Fear, worry, a future unknown. If you're like most people, you are
glued to your social media and reading the words that conjure up
feelings of anxiety and depression. Due to the amount of information
at our disposal, we can become overwhelmed trying to figure out what
is the right information we need to be looking at in order to make
plans for our future. No control, more anxiety. No one is immune to
the feelings that are generated from this vast unknown and loss, and
while we may not be totally immune, we are very capable of handling
the feelings of depression and anxiety when we are taught the proper

There are many tools out there that are used to help us handle our
emotions, which is a good as "one size does not fit all". The one I am
going to share is one I use quite often during times like this;
Attitude of Gratitude. I like to use this tool as it not only helps me
remember what I do have moving forward into tomorrow, it also grounds
me in "the here and now"; helps me focus on today. Of all the tools we
have at our disposal, this one is by far the easiest one to do when we
are at our most depressed and anxious. It is also the one that is easy
to practice on a daily basis as it only takes a minute a day to do.

The idea is that everyday; the time being your choice (I do this while
drinking my morning coffee...soooooo grateful for coffee!), that you
pick 3 things that you are grateful for. When starting this people
sometimes have a hard time with it as our brains do not have the
tendency to go to the positive, but rather the negative. Annoying! So
we have to take the time everyday to practice! It can be as easy and
being grateful for a piece of chocolate or being able to view a
beautiful sunset, or more complex as being grateful for health, life,
and family; the great part is it can be anything!

Today I am grateful that I am alive and healthy; my family still
remains healthy; and that even though there is scary stuff going on in
the world, there is still beautiful and loving people in it showing us
that not matter what, we can still make a difference for the better.

What are you grateful for?