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Right now it seems like society is in survival mode. Getting through each day, whether it be with dealing with anxiety and stress of the unknown, or the madhouse your kids are creating (let's be honest, we are all bouncing off the walls a bit), right now is a time where most are putting their relationship on a back burner. It may not be intentional, but it is most likely happening (at least if you have children).

Your relationship doesn't have to be in a bad place for you to put work into it. But it is important to take the time, yes even during isolation, to spend MINDFUL time with your spouse. No, I am not talking about watching TV together or being in the same room. I am talking about making a plan to do an activity, just the two of you. Pick an evening (or even a naptime if you have little ones) to have a date night in. This creates a point of connection, that isn't based around the stress or frustrations that can be accompanied with staying home. Do this once a week, and take turns planning. I encourage you to pick the same night weekly to ensure that it is part of your weekly routine, and that your relationship doesn't continually fall down your priority list.

Are you stuck on what a date night in could look like?? We have compiled a short list to get you going!

- Play a board game
- Do you a puzzle
- Make a meal together
- Have a picnic at home
- Have a fondue
- Do a workout together
- Write down questions and put them in a bowl, take turns pulling them out and answer them
- Try on online "paint night"
- Each pick a new hobby and introduce it to one another
- At home wine tasting
- Order in and just sit together with no kids around
- Catch up on folding some laundry (JUST KIDDING, although that does sound like a good way to tackle the never ending laundry pile)

There are many resources online you can access to help you further if you aren't creative yourself.

Don't forget! Add date nights to your routine to ensure that you make your spouse and your relationship a top priority.

Happy Dating!