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Lately I have been doing quite a few interviews on how to keep sane during the Covid19 isolation time that we all are experiencing, so I thought I'd share key points with you!

A HUGE factor in your mental health will to be establish a new normal. Our worlds have been turned upside down through no fault of our own, causing us to have some trying times.

Many are working from home, or may be experiencing a job loss, and kids are now home due to schools and daycare being closed. Talk about a disruption to your life!! Balancing work and the responsibilities of caring for your kids at the same time can be overwhelming. So let's make a routine!

People THRIVE off of routines. It's a great idea to WRITE down (you all know how much I love writing things down) a routine for yourself and your family. Have similar wake up times that you did prior to being housebound. Keep your meal times and snack times the same. Incorporate physical activity in your daily regime. Doing all of these things on a regular basis will help you stay out of a funk, and create a productive environment for not only you but your family. Make appointments with your friends, family and other support systems to check in regularly. Carving out times and preplanning to connect with others ensures that you make the time, and take the time to socialize.

For kids, do the same. Establish a routine that can be carried out consistently. Just as yourself, create a plan that has the same wake up times each day, same meal times, physically activity, and their household and/or school work responsibilities. Using visual markers such as charts or checklists for kids will not only help them carry out the routine, but it will build their self esteem and self worth from the act of completing a task. Create a rewards system for things that they enjoy. Don't forget to include them in socialization as well by doing things like video calling grandparents, aunts and uncles, or even their friends.

We are hoping that this new normal will not be around for long, but in the meantime, it is important to create a routine around this situation to ensure your mental health is cared for.