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In a normal situation, addiction is extremely challenging to overcome. But during these times of isolation, addiction can be a beast to deal with.

Many people are forced to be left alone to navigate these tough times, and when you struggle with addiction, it can be especially labouris. Support systems are cut. Regular routines are interrupted. A stable life that might have once been built around sobriety is now being turned upside down.

Days can be long, and nights even longer. Temptations can peak and can be extremely difficult to navigate.

You may feel alone but you're not. We are seeing an increasing number of requests for sessions coming in during the midnight hours. Clients, both new and returning, are experiencing either thoughts of relapse or relapse during these periods.

We encourage people to be proactive instead of reactive. Reach out for help before triggers are right in front of you. It is not a sign of weakness to seek out preventative measures, it is a sign of strength. Our Counsellors have expanded our hours to ensure you get the help you need regardless if it's daytime, in the evening or on the weekend.